Ancient Brands strives to achieve the best:

Quality – Highest quality grains to meet the needs of the client’s specification sheet

Service – We serve not out of obligation but appreciation for our client’s needs.

Cost – With years of experience in commodity and food markets, it allows us to purchase at excellent and ethical prices

Our current Ancient and Specialty Grain offering includes the following:

Dedicated Gluten Free Grains Wheat Based Grains
Quinoa – Whole, Puffed, Flour, Flakes Kamut Khorosan Wheat – Puffed
Amaranth – Whole, Puffed, Flour Spelt – Whole, Puffed, Flour, Flakes
Millet – Whole, Puffed, Flour Durum Wheat – Whole Puffed
Kaniwa – Whole, Puffed Barley – Whole, Puffed, Flour
Brown Rice – Puffed Rye – Whole, Puffed, Flour
Sorghum – Whole, Puffed, Flour Wheat – Whole, Puffed, Flour
Teff – Whole, Puffed, Flour Einkorn – Whole, Flour
Buckwheat – Whole, Puffed, Flour Emmer – Whole, Flour
Chickpea – Flour

“The puffed quinoa samples you sent us were of the highest quality we’ve seen: large size, clean tasting- not burnt and slightly crunchy. Please congratulate your production team on our behalf for a job well done- puffing quinoa is no easy task!”

Sergio – Andean Naturals